Please tell us the purpose for your booking

Purpose Book Interview

Share your perspective and your path with purpose work for my upcoming book. In exchange you’ll receive a free copy of my book when it’s published!

(1 hour)

Coaching Discovery

Have a dilemma to work through, need to have safe space to vent, want someone to help you process, or just curious to know more about coaching and how it works? Experience Wendy’s unique coaching style and learn more about coaching packages..

(1 hour)

Enneagram Discovery

Receive guidance in clarifying your primary Enneagram type and learn how to apply this to your personal growth journey. (Please complete the RHETI assessment online and email your results to at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.)

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
$ 250.00

Connection Co-Creation

Meet and greet - let’s get to know each other, share our passions, our projects, our purpose, and plant seeds for future co-creation

(30 minutes)

Retreat Pre-Registration

Share your story, ask questions about upcoming Embodied Purpose retreats for women, and explore whether this is the right experience at the right time for you

(30 minutes)